Renegade rewards - Teaming up with local businesses #shoplocal

Renegade are looking to team up with local businesses to give the 1500+ active customers advantages of keeping it local. Maybe find thier new favourite restaurant or thier new go to shop. Renegade customers will be able to take advantage of the exclusive offers you have to offer maybe it’s discounts or rates.

Renegade Rewards will be avaliable to people who are on a Renegade Plan for those who are not on a plan they can sign up to the Renegade Reward's only.

We are aiming to launch early 2021.

For local businesses this is a free way of reaching local people and a way of connecting with the local community. Want to get involved? Get in touch with us.

Don't want to offer a % discount but still want to be involved some how? No problem, we can have a look a different ideas. Its not all about discount. Every business is deferent in what they have to offer.

Want to be involved but not all year round?

No problem, let us know what your thinking.

Local but online only? No problem. Get in touch!

Don't know how you can get involved or don't know what to offer?

We are teaming up with Jack Fidler - @jfdigitalmediauk to get the best out of Renegade Reward's.

Jack Fidler is a customer at Renegade and uses social media to help businesses grow. Offering services in social media management, social media advertising, content creation and graphic design. Apply for Renegade Rewards here:


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