Renegade Football go 3rd place | RTB Spares - BMW & MINI Dismantlers

As the first part of the season comes to an end due to another lockdown until at least December. We ended on a high despite the horrendous weather with a 2 - 1 WIN over Brinsworth Whitehill. Putting Brinsworth's 6 game win streak to an end landing us in 3rd place as Mosborough only managed to pick one point up away from home.

We started the first half with a great tempo putting the pressure on as we had the wind behind us. 10 minutes in Brinsworth Whitehill's keeper fumbled the ball gifting it to Mickey Vela, all he needed to do was put it into the back of the net. Vela was taken down inside the box by the keeper a red card was the only option. Jay Lindsay stepped up to take the penalty and he didn't disappoint, taking us into a 1 - 0 lead. Redeeming him self from his missed penalty on his birthday a few weeks back which will not be mentioned again. Just before the half way mark Matt Jacobs poked one past the keeper to to make it 11 goals in 6 games.

The second half was tough against the wind and Brinsworth Whitehill coming out looking to get back into the game. The wind was essentially there 11th man and helping them attack again and again. We also went down to 10 men as Mickey Thomas got his second yellow after been on the pitch 15 minutes. They managed to pull one back but it wasn't enough. The final whistle finally came to give us the win.

Man of the match: Alex Mosley

Well done to the lads and thank you to everyone who turned up today to watch, we hope everyone stays safe during this lockdown and look forward to seeing everyone back on the pitch in December 2020 / January 2021. Thank you to RTB Spares BMW & MINI Dismantlers for the support and sponsorship for the lads.

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