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FAQ + More information

Whats has happened to my appointments made on the previous system?

They have been transferred over! Don't worry if they don't link up/appear. They are still there and you will receive the usual booking reminders (24hrs before + 2hr 15min before).

If you want to double check or find out when your appointments are drop us a message on WhatsApp and we will be happy to help. Just provide us with your email and contact number and we will let you know when they are.


We have a made a few changes to our bookings, please read the below. Want them explaining more? Just ask your barber on your next visit.

1) We have enabled the option for you to pay for your services online using Apple Pay or the book with card option. With these methods, there is a £1 booking fee payable to SQUIRE technologies. You don't have to pay online for your service, it is just an option.

(Note - you will not be charged for your haircut until the time of your appointment and you can cancel up to two hours before - *Read more about our cancellation policy below


2) You no longer need to enter card details or pre pay when selecting 'Reserve' you can simply book just like old times, on a new system. There is no booking fee payable when using this option.


*When booking card details may be requested to secure your appointment. This is to reduce the amount of no shows and will help with our availability. 


3) We have added a 2 hours cancellation policy to our bookings. You will be charged for your service if you do not show to your appointment. 


If you can't make it don't worry! Just please cancel your appointment with enough notice to give someone else the chance to book it. You will get a reminder 24hr before your appointment by email + push notfification. Also a reminder 2hr 15min before your appointment by email + text + push notification. So there are plenty of reminders!


4) Waiting list, great for the festive period coming up! Card details will be required if you haven't entered them previously. If an appointment becomes available the payment will be taken at the time of your appointment.


5) Tipping has been enabled at check out, this is not to pressure you into tipping, it's just there if you wish to do so.

(5% 10% 15% 20% none or custom)


6) WhatsApp! Yes, WhatsApp. You can contact us via WhatApp messenger for any problems you may have. Click here to drop us a message.

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